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See both business and personal notebooks in sidebar



I just updated to Version 6.12.1 (455453 Direct) for Mac a few minutes ago, and I'm very unhappy. I can't find any setting in the preferences options or in the view menu to allow the sidebar to show both personal and business notebooks at the same time. This is terrible and beyond frustrating for me. I have notebooks that I use to collaborate with employees and co-workers in my business account that are shared with one or two other business users, and I also have personal notebooks that I use for business purposes but want separated from my business account so that our IT folks can't access them (either by accident or by being nosy). I switch back and forth between these notebooks many times per day, often during a single meeting or teleconference, so that I can record info in the appropriate place. Now I have to select personal or business BEFORE I can even see the notebook I'm after. This added time is unacceptable when you're trying to jot a quick note down in the middle of a conversation that's quickly moving on to another topic. Sometimes I'm at my desk with 2 screens and could just open both notes in separate windows, but often I'm on a laptop in the airport, car, etc. and can't do this.

Please add the ability to combine all notebooks, or even better to choose which notebooks to combine, on the sidebar. Or just add an option to integrate the personal and business views like they were in 6.11.1. I found the corresponding change on my iPhone equally disturbing, but I rarely use the iPhone app. Now that this has spilled over into the Mac app, I'm stuck. 

I haven't looked into it just yet, as it's only been a couple of minutes, but I'm guessing I'll have to try to revert to 6.11.1 in order to get my necessary functionality back. I hope that's possible.

Please fix this. I love Evernote and use it all the time, but this is killer.

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