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Evernote Security Questions

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I have been an evernote user for quite sometimes, and lately it was informed to me that someone did a google search and found my notes that I had taken from evernote. I am unsure if this is true that evernote integrates itself with google to post search queries over the internet. Does evernote do this? if so would this be a security risk?  Should this be the case then its a secuirty hole because then everyones notes would be posted over a google search based on keywords. Please confirm if Evernote integrated itself with the google search engine.

-Jeff North

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Hi.  Evernote can be set up so that searching in Google will also search your account for notes on the same subject - but you'd have to be logged in to your account on the same device to have that happen.  Was this other person using your device for their search?  If you were logged in to Evernote and your visitor used your profile on your device to make the search,  then it's possible they'd see some details,  because as far as the device is concerned you're the person using it.

It's certainly not true that Evernote shares your searches to any third party,  and Google's search is on the internet,  Evernote's is within the database of your account.  The two have no connection.

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