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integrated calendar in evernote?



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Hi.  It's a good suggestion,  but Evernote doesn't edit pictures, mindmaps or spreadsheets either and I use external apps for all of that and more.  (Web browsing?  Emails?)  Evernote can't be a one stop shop for everyone...

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On 2017-09-08 at 3:45 AM, mrkenspencer@gmail.com said:

cannot understand why evernote has not got its own built in calendar

What would be your use cases for an Evernote calendar?

Evernote does maintain calendar dates for notes; Creation, Modification, Reminder ...   Users receive notifications when Reminers are triggered

I like to see selected notes (reminders) in my calendar grid so I add note links in my calendar app

>>why should we have to use third party apps?

I have no problem with using third party apps.  I’m not going to be limited to the features of the Evernote editor

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