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Let users CHOOSE whether to have table controls always present



Starting with v6.12, the redesigned table controls are constantly in the way, leave a ridiculous amount of white space around every table, and are way, way too easy to accidentally activate.

For users who don't want to change the layout of their tables frequently, and in fact, just want to make a table once and leave it alone, please make this feature an option that can be turned off in the Formatting preferences.

I have one template that I duplicate every day for a diary. It includes some tables. I will never change the layout of these tables, so having these tools pop up all the time really gets in the way of my work flow. Plus, before this feature was added, everything on my template fit "above the fold" (i.e., could be seen without scrolling). Now, thanks to all the extra white space around every table, that's no longer true.

I can understand how many users might find this feature useful. The problem is, this update ignores everyone else.

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