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Real Time Collaboration aka Nevernote

Andi Meyer


There is no real time collaboration. And I cannot see any announcement, that this flaw will be fixed in short time. I used Evernote for years. Now I started to work with Evernote Business in a small team. And to my great surprise I noticed: Evernote is not a collaboration tool. In a setting where everyone has a prepared note with agenda and additional information for a meeting, only one person can use this note do add content, decisions taken and tasks. The other users cannot edit the document. Even worse: We cannot agree on one person taking all the notes, because Evernote constantly blocks and gives editing privileges different participants. This is a no go. Evernote - advertised as a tool for collaboration - lacking real time collaboration leaves us with no other option than moving our system to OneNote, Dropbox Paper or GSuite/Google Docs. For me Evernote just became Nevernote. 

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Hi.  Nevernote,  also Nixnote,  is the brand name for an independent Evernote clone running on Linux;  it's not exactly an insult to compare the two apps.  Plus Evernote hasn't ever (AFAIK) advertised the product as offering 'real time collaboration' and experienced users would not expect it to do so.  So no announcements or fixing of flaws because they don't exist.  If you're really working in a situation where several people need to have the same document open at the same time then Evernote isn't the app you need - Google Docs should do fine. 

By the way,  this is a (mostly) user-driven forum - if you're a Business user you should have priority access to email and chat help,  plus a contact adviser who will be able to confirm how far Evernote could go in your specific use case.

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