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Installing 6.12 over 6.10 on Yosemite (10.10.5)

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My question relates to switching from the App Store version of Evernote to the non-App Store version of Evernote. Currently, I have version 6.10 (454269 App Store) installed on my Macbook running Yosemite (OS X 10.10.5). For various reasons, Iʻd like to manually install (and therefore update) to Evernote 6.12 (455415). Can I do this safely without losing all my notes?

Iʻd like the new features of Evernote version 6.12 but I donʻt want to risk losing any data. And unfortunately, I can no longer update through the App Store.   

PS - Iʻm excited about the new improvements to Evernote. Maybe Iʻm naive but my sense is the company is listening to its users and responding, which hasnʻt always been the case.  

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Hi. If you have,  as you should,  a full system backup it will include the files which make up your Evernote database.  You shouldn't find that uninstalling one version of Evernote and replacing it from another - even if that is the direct version - will make any difference to your notes,  but you have your backup just in case. 

I'd suggest you do a clean uninstall / restart and reinstall rather than 'just' updating the existing setup,  but that will probably also work.  You may find that Evernote recreates your database by downloading from the server,  which (depending on the size of your database) may take a little while.  This recreation will not include 'local' (unsynced) notebooks,  so if you have any local notes,  you should also export the content of those notes to ENEX files,  one notebook at a time.  These can then be re-imported after the account is set up.

Beware that the 'new version' is now into 6.12.2 with some issues still unresolved -



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I am running Yosemite and following the update of Evernote to the latest version, it repeatedly crashes to the point where the application will not even launch.

Any ideas of what this may be or how to roll back to the prev version?

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