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Can Evernote automatically "select" new note after inserting / scanning ?

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Hi, I had a discussion with an expert already and they advised to post this as a new idea, so here is my idea :

*** My question/ Idea *** 
Hi, I am scanning documents into Evernote using ScanSnap Scanner and ScanSnap SW. 
for some documents I want to add tags ( Tax 2017 etc ). I can only do this within Evernote SW. So I scan my document, wait until Evernote imports it and then I select the imported note to add my tag information. 

here is my ( very little ) inconvienence : Evernote always selects the latest accessed document, but I need the latest imported one. So I need to manually scroll up to the newest document. 

What I would like to have ( maybe it exists, but I could not find such a setting ) is that Evernote in the Windows Version selects the latest just imported / created note automatically, that would allow me to avoid manually scrolling and tagging a wrong document as not the latest was highlighted. 

Apart from that : loving Evernote, works perfect so far ( appart from one export issue which could not be solved, but I use a alternative option, had a ticket already ) 

many thx in advance and best regards from Germany 

*** Example of how I work *** 
I give you an example with two documents only 

1. I scan the first one, move it to the import folder and wait until Evernote has imported it. (Pop up in tray tells me ) 
2. then I delete the document from ScanSnap (need to do this, as Scansnap can only store on C drive and I have a small SSD only, so I am using a link to store on my D drive. But all this is Scansnap gap functionality, nothing with evernote ) 
3. I switch to Evernote program Windows with the notes list open 
4. first Evernote has selected some ( last accessed ??? ) and displays the content 
5. I need to scroll up / shift home to go the to top of the table where my newest note is which I just imported in step 1 
6. this note is now highlighted 
7. I scan my second note 
8. I follow step 2 and 3 again 
9. I can see my second note appearing on the top of the list - BUT my first note is selected in second row 
10. I want to tag my last second note and even that I see it in the list, I still need to manually select it. if I am not selecting it manually ( not concentrated enough, highlight color not too strong ) I simply tag my document - but the wrong one. 

As I scan once a week or so and then have a number of documents, it would be for me much easier and safer to have a option 'autoselect newest notes automatically', because then I could scan and tag, if I don't need to tag a note, I simply continue. The next scanned document to tag will be automatically selected - no mistakes, easy 

Hope this is clear what I wrote. 

2 Scanned New Note is not selected, still the old one.jpg

1 Top Note selected.jpg

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