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Evernote adding paragraph returns

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Version 6.12.1 (455454 App Store)

Just updated and now all my notes keep adding paragraph spaces or returns between elements.

Even when I delete them, when i go back to the note they come back - it's really annoying and creates huge spaces between elements.

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By elements I mean tables and lines of text.

I've attach 2 files, the one with large gaps between the elements, and the 2nd one is when I've manually removed the returns between the elements.

When returning to the note it reverts back.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 4.46.48 pm.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 4.46.18 pm.jpg

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20 minutes ago, ColD said:

Just updated and now all my notes keep adding paragraph spaces or returns between elements.

The additional space before/after tables is a "feature" of the new tables in v6.12 and has been discussed in the feature release discussion


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That specific aspect isn't highlighted in these notes, it seems like a bug to me, especially when I delete them and they are added back in afterwards - could I request a feature to tighten/remove the spacing in a future release?

The only work around for me is to completely redo all future notes so that the entire note is a table.

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The issue is EN reserves the line below the table for a slider if the table is wider than the screen and the line above the table for the UI elements.  Hence the equivalent of three lines between tables.  They could probably get creative and tighten things up if they so desired.  

Could also do something about the Down Arrow which covers the contents of a cell and some sort of option for cell padding which also seems a bit much.  Tables which used to fit vertically don't anymore.

And, the whole reason for that extra white space indent to the left is to accommodate the row elements of the table UI.  All ends up being a lot of wasted space on a screen.

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