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MErge an ink note to a normal note resulted in a disaster

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I wanted to merge two notes (one ink note and another text note) and when I did it I lost my recently created ink noted and appears as an attached .bin file. I don't know how to open it and I cannot recover my draw because the note was just created and dont appear as a history to recover.

any idea? Why this happens? If it's not possible to merge an ink note to an existing one it should say it instead of having this behavior...

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I just tested this, and got the same result. The attachment.bin file begins with "RMMessageBegin" and ends with "RMMessageEnd", for whatever that's worth. I can understand how a note that consists of what is basically a drawing and one that consists of text could not simply be merged; but it does seem that the drawing might be attached in some recognizable format like .jpg or .png. Failing that, I agree there should definitely be a warning when attempting to merge ink notes (trying to merge two ink notes just produces a note with two attachment.bin files).

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I discovered this too. HOWEVER, the note isn't lost. Open evernote on the web, and viola, your ink note is back. It will also show on your android phone, not sure about IOS.

For some reason, the Windows version of Evernote cannot display the ink note in the merged note, but it can be viewed elsewhere.


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