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Change how note links are displayed in other notes

David John Bird


To all intents and purposes an Evernote note link is a hyperlink to the relevant note. 

Except that it doesn't work like other hyperlinks. Let me explain. 

An Evernote note link in a note appears as the title of the note it applies to, and that is only what you can paste in to another note. 

A web page hyperlink, on the other hand can be referenced through the displayed text, e.g. a URL of https://whateverpage.com/page1 can be associated with the word "whatever", such that when you click on the "whatever" link word, it takes you to https://whateverpage.com/page1

So, why can't Evernote note links work the same way, e.g. clicking the link word "whatever" in a note, takes you to the note titled "Whatever Page"? 

This should apply across all platforms on which Evernote exists.

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