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Syncing problem with all devices

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Hi Guys,

I m based in Mainland China and during recent 2 weeks I have been having problems syncing my evernote international account:

I have noticed that:
1. Recently I cannot sync from time to time. It happens as following:
- cannot sync on any device - neither PC nor Android
- cannot open even the evernote webpage.
- the above happens with any of my connection options: sync with wifi direct connection with wifi with or without astrill VPN, or 3g with or without vpn.
- meanwhile when site and device connections are down, sometimes when I check the status of evernote through your offical twitter or other is-it-down websites, it shows that evernote is alive!
- when the syncing is back, it's back normally with the website connection back as well.

So I m wondering is it happening to me or to all users in the same region?


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