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Evernote created 118 copies of my notebooks... why? And how do I get rid of them easily?

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So, Evernote decided to create 118 blank notebook copies of two of my notebooks. Needless to say I now have like 250 notebooks and sometimes experience sync issues, which I suspect could be related to these numerous extra notebooks.

It really pains me to delete 240 notebooks one by one. Is there any other way to do this?

I'm also really curious as to why this has happened? And only for two notebooks? (Though I guess I should be lucky it wasn't for all my notebooks!)

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Hi.  Occasional duplicate notes are just (usually) the result of a bad connection,  but notebooks?  That's out there.

The reason for no more copies is likely that you're only allowed a total of 250 notebooks in a single account,  so the bug (or whatever) probably couldn't create any more.  And maxing out that kind of value is more or less a guarantee of sync issues,  so you do need to get rid of them.

Sadly it's not possible to add them all to a stack and delete the stack (it goes,  the notebooks stay...) or to select more than one notebook.  You need to be on a desktop,  selecting a notebook and hitting Delete (and confirming yes,  you do want to delete...) to get rid of it.

Before you get carried away however I'd suggest you check your account by signing in to Evernote.com,  just to make sure that this duplication error has carried over into your account on the server.  If it has,  manual deletion is (AFAIK) the only way.

As to the Why? - I have no clue;  but the first thing is to delete the notebooks and sort out the syncing issues and then maybe look for a way to avoid this again.


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39 minutes ago, gazumped said:

So, Evernote decided to create 118 blank notebook copies of two of my notebooks

That’s curious.  How were the notebooks named; the names are supposed to be unique.

Which platform?  

A delete script could be used on Macs       tell application “Evernote” to delete notebook "aaaaaaaa"

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@gazumped Indeed, I couldn't find anything on forums about duplicate notebooks... I hope I haven't brought a new plague into the Evernote universe!

@DTLow They were named like when duplicate files get named on a computer, with (1), (2) ... (118) added to the back :/

I'm on Android (mobile) and Windows (laptop). "aaaaaaaa" is certainly how I feel at the prospect of deleting 240 notebooks manually!!

Thanks for the responses, I sure do hope it doesn't happen again... but who knows!

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