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Just started with evernote. Very impressed with the syncing. However, I have a few questions. If these have been asked before feel free to point to the answer. I tried but couldn't find any.

1. If I'm looking at all my files in evernote and then double click it to open it. The tool bar on the opened file doesn't seem to be able to be changed. Example, if I say customize tool bar, and then remove an icon, as soon as I save and close out, and reopen, those same 5 icons are there. Is there some reason for this?

2. Why isn't helvetica one of the choices for fonts? It appears sometimes with pasted notes, but in notes I create in evernote its not there.

3. Just a feature request, much like you can close out of 'note info' I wish there was a way to hide everything else (the different fonts, bold, italicize, etc). If I'm not using it its just wasted space.

Thanks for any answers :)

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1. You're correct. There's a bug in the Mac client that "forgets" the toolbar customizations in the single-note window. It remembers customizations in the main window, but if you double-click to open a note in a window by itself, the customizations are forgotten.

2. If you right-click and use the "Font" menu (or Format > Show Fonts), you can choose from more fonts. The little drop-down in the main editor just shows the most portable web-friendly fonts.

3. Thanks for the suggestion...

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The little drop-down in the main editor just shows the most portable web-friendly fonts.

I've been using evernote for at least a year, and this is my first feature request, which goes to show how well it's designed for what I do.

I would like to see courier or courier new in the main editor font picker/drop-down. I code for a living, and I frequently need to highlight sections of code in my notes using a fixed-width font, and my preference is courier. I find it painful to have to right click every time to select Fonts > Show Fonts > Courier

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