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Is there a way for me to see the progress of an initial sync? I got a new computer at work yesterday. Evernote was one of the first things I installed and the sync ran for a couple of hours yesterday and then all day (at work) today and it is still going. I'd rather not have to do something drastic if a little more patience is called for but I didn't think I had this many notes since I cleared out a lot of old and unwanted ones earlier this year. 

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Hi.  Short answer,  there's no way to monitor progress exactly.  You could open Evernote and monitor the number of notes it shows - when it's the same as the number reported by signing into Evernote.com in your browser,  things should be complete.  It shouldn't take as long as you're experiencing,  but presumably your work network is busy and it may be limited in download speed for big files.

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