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New install won't sync at all

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I just installed Evernote on a MacBook Pro that has never had Evernote on it.  The application installation went fine, but it will not sync at all.  Nothing.  There is a red exclamation point on the sync icon.  

The activity log keeps coming up with this every time it tries to sync:

FindNotesToDownloadUsingBackgroundTransfers:] | Starting all operations
2017/08/31 21:56:23:097 I|*   40275 -[ENCacheManager fetchNextBatchOfDownloadOperationsUsingBackgroundTransfers:]_block_invoke | Processing 0 notes
2017/08/31 21:56:23:614 I|*   40555 -[ENCacheManager stop] | self=<ENCacheManager: 0x7fc31be51b70>

Any ideas?  I've tried all kinds of web searches but haven't been able to find a problem where it won't even sync at all from the very beginning.

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Since I couldn't find any documentation of a new Evernote install downloading NOTHING (documentation was all about update syncing problems), and I had just downloaded Evernote and nothing had happened on it, this is not what I would expect would fix the problem, but it turned out to be what did the trick.  I moved the Evernote app and the Evernote folder in Library->Application Support to the trash, restarted my computer, downloaded Evernote again, and as soon as I logged in the Evernote app, all my notes downloaded.  Weird.  But thanks for answering my post.

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