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Problem with font in clipped articles


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While checking Evernote Webclipper I spotted a very big problem. See screenshot. Evernote clipps an article with a terrible font and, because I clipped a lot of websites, it would take too much time to manually change a font. Setting different deafult font does not help. 

On the screenshot you can see comparison between Pocket and Evernote. 

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Bez tytułu.png

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My web clips, simplified article, on Chrome (Mac) show in Evernote with HUGE (83 pt) headings. The rest of the clipping is fine, just the Heading at the top is way out of proportion. Is there a way to get that back to normal? I don't see any setting in Options. 

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I experience the same issue as @philc2001. This is horrendous. See attached example. 

I noticed my default font setting (Helvetica Neue 14pt) is no longer enforced either. Now it's using "PT Serif" (83pt for title, 16pt for the body).


Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.11.02.png

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