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Diversify Context Sources



I saw a couple of very old requests for this, so I'm risking it and posting this again. Context is a potentially useful feature, but for some reason the sources are so narrowed down and so limited in content, it's almost a wasted feature.

Content I have in mind: General world news or just more non-U.S. News, Science, Environment, Wikipedia etc. I am not sure what sort of partnership is required by Evernote to access any websites, if at all, but please do look into improving Context. 

If there is any way users can add their custom Sources to Context, that'd just about be perfect.

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Hi.  Expanding the range means spending a lot of time and funds on the hook-ups.  I would think that adding customer hook-ups would be virtually impossible - some sites may not welcome third party searches behind their paywall (if they have one...) and all require substantial effort to set up.  And all this for how much extra business income to offset the cost?

Don't see this as a likely high priority...

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Yes, Context seems to be one of those things -- like the defunct Evenote marketplace, or Clearly, or whatever -- that briefly caught someone's eye at Evernote, and then was pretty much forgotten about.  I agree it could be a great feature -- but it isn't.  In fact, I note that if you click on the link "Learn more about Context" that Evernote Windows puts at the end of a note until you click "Got it!", it now goes to a dead page:


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