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Line spacing changed on its own, help

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I have an ongoing note in Evernote.  Each time I add to it I write 3-4 lines in a row with no spaces,  then I leave one space and start a new 3-4 line note.   Yesterday I opened this note and all of the 3-4 line notes were all scraped apart.  In other words Evernote had somehow added a new space between every single line I had ever written.   This is not useful for me as  the 3-4 line notes were clumped together, now there's one space line between every single line of text.   Why did this happen, this note was spaced properly for years and now one day the whole thing just changed on its own.

Any explanation? 

Thanks for reading, 


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Hi.  You don't say what device you are using,  what OS or what version of Evernote.  If your note has changed on one device,  have you looked at the same note in a browser or elsewhere?  Is it changed on every device,  or just the one you are using?

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