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iOS 11 Beta Penultimate Unusable


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Penultimate on my iPad Pro running iOS 11 public beta 6 is almost unusable. I cannot edit notebooks, but I can edit notes, i.e. I can make new notes in a notebook but I can't edit that notebook otherwise. Reinstalling didn't fix the issue. I suspect this is a compatibility issue and I suggest Evernote nips this in the bud before the OS leaves beta. 

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1. Open the Evernote app and create the notebook there
2. Move a Penultimate note to this specific notebook
3. Launch Penultimate and the new notebook will appear there too
4. You can then move the first note to the original notebook


This is what tech support sent me. Why they know how to work around it but still haven't fixed it is beyond me.

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Is anyone from Evernote actually hearing this feedback?  This just made penultimate a useless piece of junk as far as I am concerned.  I upgraded to evernote premium approx 8 weeks ago in order to gain the features of penultimate on my ipad pro.  Now I cant organize anything the way I have been.  

This is a silly issue and I am sure one that can be fixed, assuming anyone actually gives a ***** at evernote.  Appears not.  Another one of my software favorites ruined, joy!

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Not that I find any of what I'm about to say comforting....

Like a previous post (Ian) noted, I got a response from Evernote's support group that provided a workaround while they wait to get their app updated.  It works well enough for me, although it's *very* annoying.  Still...I appreciated the reasonably quick response and functional workaround.

The two most disturbing parts of this experience:

  1. As a highly visible company, I find it incredulous that they wouldn't have this problem fixed before the iOS 11 release.  Apple has had betas in their developer's hands for many months (I'm I dev) so this blows my mind.  Small startup, sure.  Evernote...what??!?!
  2. My initial contact with Evernote support through their online chat was an abysmal experience.  Seriously, I would have been better off with a chatbot.

For now, Penultimate is still the best fit for my needs given the feature mix and usability of the other iPad note-taking apps.  But this experience has definitely encouraged me to actively look elsewhere for a replacement.

Evernote, if you're listening:  the only reason I currently pay for premium service is for Penultimate's functionality on my iPad pro running the latest released Apple software.  I doubt I'm unique in that regard.

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