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Evernote not registering new data in clipboard

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Hi guys,

I bought Evernote today and I'm in the process of transitioning from OneNote. I've overcome my initial disbelief that there is no functionality in Evernote to import my old notebooks and am now hard at work manually moving things.

I hit another roadblock however. When i copy my OneNote pages and paste them into Evernote It will work just once. The second OneNote page I attempt to copy and paste will not register in Evernote. The windows clipboard will register that there is new data in the clipboard, but when attempting to paste this data into Evernote, It will simply paste the first OneNote page I copied and not the second(newest) page.

There seems to be a disconnect between Evernote and the Windows clipboard.

My work-around is to exit Evernote completely. This will buy me 1 copy&paste before I need to restart Evernote again, and so it goes...


1. Select OneNote page. Right click -> Copy

2. Create new note in EN. Paste into EN. Everything works as it should.

3. Select next OneNote page. Right click -> Copy

4. Create new note in EN. Paste into EN. Old data from step 1 gets copied into the new note.

5. Restart EN.

6. Start at step 1 again.


I should mention that my OneNote pages are composed of different cropped print screen images using "Lightshot". One note can consist of 5-20 images.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi.  Not sure why you'd expect that Evernote would be busy keeping up to date with the technical specs of all their competitors so they can build an effective way to import the contents of third party databases into their own.  I'm happy that the company mainly concentrates on fixing its own issues and export/ imports from it's own format to allow local backing up if/ where necessary.

There is an import from OneNote option in the File menu,  but I've no idea how effective that is - it may depend on note content;  there were comments months ago that it was only partially effective for some users.

I can copy and paste repeatedly from most other formats into Evernote,  so I don't see why this is an Evernote issue at all.  Depending on your subscription status it may have something to do with image size - Basic accounts forinstance have a 25MB note size limit. I can see 20 images in one note possibly pushing the total.  You also have an upload limit,  so if your copying is ongoing,  successive syncs will be subject to that limit - again 60MB for Basic accounts.

The (vaguely) good news is that a Plus account has much higher limits,  and if you're a paying subscriber you'll be able to raise this with Support directly on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or anyone can reach them on Twitter https://twitter.com/evernotehelps 

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On 8/24/2017 at 3:09 PM, Glenn M said:

I've overcome my initial disbelief that there is no functionality in Evernote to import my old notebooks and am now hard at work manually moving things.

With Evernote for Windows Desktop  you can select File > Import > Microsoft OneNote, to import your content from OneNote.

To do this, you must have  OneNote 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 and Evernote for Windows Desktop installed on the same PC. This option is not available with OneNote for Windows 10 , "OneNote". Click here for more details on the differences between the two. 

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