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(Archived) Selective Sync between Desktop and Web

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When you create a notebook, you can decide if it it should be local (no upload to the web) or private (synchronization via Web, but notes could only be seen by yourself). If you want, that the notes are public, you've to change the settings for a notebook within the web-interface.

Settings for existing notebooks couldn't be changed, you have to decide in advance which notebook should be local and which not.

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You can move notes between notebooks (including private & local notebooks) by selecting the notes and dragging them to the destination. You can move multiple notes by holding down the modifier key to select them all or by doing "select all" -- then drag one of the selected notes to the destination.

If you move a note from a private notebook to a local notebook, the note will be deleted and "expunged" from our server on the next sync. I.e. all of that note's data on the server will destroyed; we just keep around the deleted note's unique serial number so that we can tell all of your other clients to delete it as well when they sync ("Note #12342134 has been expunged, please remove it").

This, of course, means that you'll lose all of the automatic backup and cross-platform sync capabilities for this note, but that's kind of the point of local notebooks...

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