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Edit audio note (length or segment)

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18 hours ago, macneilpi said:

IIs there any way at present to edit or crop an Evernote audio note?

Evernote doesn't include audio editing features
however, as per @NoLife, the audio is a file attachment to a note
You should be able to use any dedicated audio app editor to edit the file

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3 minutes ago, macneilpi said:

Does it make a difference? I have or use iOS, OS X, and web. 


The different clients can have different properties. Asking the question can narrow things down, in which case we can move the topic to a more appropriate location in the forums (this one will be moved regardless, as it's nothing to do with this, the Plus / Premium Questions forum). As it stands, DTLow is correct; you should be able to use the audio editor of your choice on at least the Mac or Windows clients; not sure about the mobile clients. You're probably out of luck with the web client.

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