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DashLane Security Test

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Anybody knowing why Evernote does not pass the brute force test in the DashLane test? 


They say:

"Does the website allow 10 incorrect login attempts without providing additional security (CAPTCHA, account lockout, 2-Factor, etc.)?" 


@Evernote: Is there a special reason or are there any plans for implementing this? 



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3 minutes ago, evernote-fan said:

Anybody knowing why Evernote does not pass the brute force test in the DashLane test? 

I think the headings on the chart provide an explanation

Evernote only passed in the 2-Factor column



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Yes. I do not mind the three first aspects as everybody can chose a safe password either. 

But the brute force attack thing should really be considered by EN!

But on the other hand, Google is not better and they have one of the best security engineers in the world. 

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Thanks for posting the link. What a slap in Evernote's face! 

If I was Evernote, I would work on this immediately. It hurts simply from a public relations standpoint.

I'm disappointed to see Evernote ranked so poorly, especially considering their slogan.

  • "Evernote® is a platform for human memory, designed to help individuals remember everything™."

I wonder how many hackers are using this Password Power Ranking as a guide to focus on the "sites that failed to implement the most basic security requirements".

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