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I am switching from PC to Mac and am having trouble with searing in Evernote on Mac. Specifically, I heavily use the ability to search for note text within multiple tags. On Evernote for PC, this is simple -- I just use the search field above the notes list:evernote-windows.png.8f44656cbac97c6a412d62bad5535d4b.png)
For some reason I am not finding this option in Evernote for Mac:
Is there a setting I need to turn on? 
Or is this functionality accomplished in a different way on Evernote for Mac? 
I realize that this could possibly be done using an advanced search string, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t autocomplete the tags as you add them. 
Any thoughts?
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1 hour ago, elsevers said:

I am switching from PC to Mac and am having trouble with searching in Evernote on Mac.

There is a UI diference599bae2cb8373_ScreenShot2017-08-21at21_07_37.png.a0c29d074284adc654bbe1595a55fae3.png

The menu at the bottom of the search box might help

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Thanks, yes, this does help. Is there a way to completely control this with keyboard shortcuts?

I can get to the search textbox via Ctrl ⌘ E, but are there also a keyboard shortcut to pull up the "Add Search Options" and link tags / notebooks to the search query?

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