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[Request] Make formatting toolbar functional again



Evernote has always been very practical and useful, and I started using it on iOS (iPad), and I had no problems with updates, until now. It has been on for some time, and it is related to the formatting toolbar, which used to have all tools in one line (similar to current Web and Android versions). Now, it has a button for you to tap multiple times and then enter it and finally start editing and formatting your notes, which takes more time, especially if you are used to taking notes on lectures (specially those whose lecturers talk really fast and you still want to make your notes look good with topics, numbers and color-codes). I bring pictures to help you understand my request - which I have sent for the representatives in my country (Brazil) twice, being the first one in March. It seems as if they just reply and give you points, but never solve your problems... anyways, here they are:

(1) The formatting toolbar looks like this, and there are three icons (#1), and a whole empty space (#2) that could well be used and help users, and avoid multiple tapping to finally edit. Android and Web versions are much more practical (even this forum has a one line toolbar!).


(2) When you click the third icon, you can finally see the options to list, and if you take a look, that part down below (blue, #3+) could simply be placed on the white blank space that is left, there is no need to make Narnia portals inside this Evernote app - it looks more organized, but it takes more time, and if you have an old device, things are not as smoth as a fast one might think when developing/udpdating the app:


(3) This could be a pop-up option, but I don't use this much, so I don't mind if it is a sub option:


(4) Now let's compare it with the Android version (mobile, I guess the tablet version is the same). Notice that there is a sliding bar that makes is much easier to edit, without having to tap and tap:



Well, I guess that is it. I wish the iOS app has a layout that is as practical as any app that deals with text and formatting, why complicate everything, huh?


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