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Paste text from clipboard into table without format



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On 8/20/2017 at 3:02 AM, dispo said:

I want to paste text from the clipboard as plain text directly into tables, using shortcuts.

  1. There is no "plain text" option unfortunately.
  2. Paste and Match Styles, which doesn't do what it says, can be accessed via EDIT|Paste and Match Styles, or CTRL-SHIFT-V. The right-click menus in a table remove 99% of the normal right-click functionality unfortunately.

If you really want plain text, you'll have to do what I do.

  1. Keep Notepad or other text editor open.
  2. Copy from your source
  3. paste into notepad. now you have plain text.
  4. copy the data from Notepad
  5. paste into Evernote with CTRL-V. 

This will paste plain text and truly match the style you are pasting into.

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