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Added images missing in notes

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I'm having a big problem with some missing images I added some time ago in a couple of notes.

I added it some while ago, and was able to acess last week. But today I couldnt see them, and its displaying this kind of error. I added the red arrow at the screenshot to be clear.

There is any way to recover thes images or I'm supposed to conform myself with the loss and don't trust Evernote as a reliable software anymore?


Thank you all,





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Hi.  It occasionally happens that images get lost,  but can also be that a slow or imtermittent connection is slowing or preventing the download.  Have you looked on another device to verify whether images are,  in fact missing?  SIgn in to Evernote.com and check the server copy of that note to verify.

If they are 'lost' it doesn't necessarily mean gone forever - Ctrl+Help in Evernote Desktop will give you an extended menu including 'Fix Lost Resources' which will try to reconnect attachments that may have been orphaned.  Affected notes will be moved to a 'Notes With MIssing Resources' notebook where you can use the URL saved in most notes to revisit the source and correct any losses.  (I have 40,000+ notes and most recently ran that check.  12 notes were affected - a small fraction of 1% error rate,  which doesn't seem unreasonable).

Digital devices being fallible,  any software is subject to occasional corrupt or missing data - Evernote seem to do a good job of avoiding the issues generally.  In case they don't,  and because I love my precious data,  I keep backups from which I can restore missing information.

Paying customers also have access to Note History which snapshots current note content a couple of times each day.  It's easy to step back to previous versions (and attachments) of a note if necessary.

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i just had this happen to me.

many screenshots are now not displaying in many of my notes.   the screenshots are not displaying from evernote in chrome browser and evernote in windows.  they are displaying from evernote iphone, evernote safari,  and  evernote mac (the notes were created on the mac).


i can download the screenshots (which have been renamed to "image.bin") in windows, rename them to a picture file like .png, and then they can be opened in windows.

when i rename the images / attachments from image.bin to image.jpg or .png they do not display within the evernote note screen.

*these images were originally displaying in windows and browsers no problem.

they were created from apple notes on mac, then copied into evernote.  when you copy a note with an image from apple notes, the image gets pasted within evernote as "untitled.tiff".  (apple notes may convert it's images to .tiff?)   so i think evernote in windows / chrome browser (mac and windows) has decided to stop displaying the .tiff files after working perfectly for a week or 2 when i first migrated into evernote from apple notes.

as long as i don't copy notes from apple notes, when i make a screenshot and paste it into evernote -  the image files will be named "untitled.png" and so they work.  so i guess i'll go back and recreate all the images which is very easy with Lightshot.



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