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Hello. I use Evernote for my work as a market researcher. Sometimes I have to work in the street on different countries, where I don't have internet conection/wifi all the time.

I worked all day on a note, arrived at my hotel room, catched a (poor) WIFI and intend to share the note to my e-mail (so I can have a backup, as I always do). As I was doing so, Evernote sent me a message "You don't have access to this note", and then the note dissappeared.

I looked for it on the deleted items, on the Evernote Web and it's not there.

The WIFI signal was poor, so maybe it didn't synched, but why it dissappeared completely?.

I'm using the Free Version.

Also, there's no support chat nor e-mail where I can get help.

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1 hour ago, Mike McGowan said:

As a Free Version user, you don't have access to Offline Notebooks.   Here is detail on that feature https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005177-How-to-set-up-offline-notebooks-on-mobile-devices

That page also mentions the Evernote cache.  I suspect that your cache was cleared if your device needed the space.

You're right,  of course,  but I read this as the OP starting a new note on a mobile device and saving the note back to that device.  As such,  it's not an 'offline note' - just one that hasn't been synced yet.  It would be in temporary memory somewhere on the device,  pending being saved back to the server.  In this case it looks like the email process also wanted some of that temporary memory...  and bad things happened from there.  For a lot of reasons,  without a solid network connection (and maybe even with),  I think it's always best to work in a third-party app that saves locally,  so one fat-finger slip doesn't suddenly lose 6 hours work.  I also record my audio files in another app for similar reasons - I can then use Evernote for more lookups or notes without killing the sound.

If the OP can confirm the OS s/he was using,  maybe there's someone out there who can suggest where to look for possible fragments of the information;  but after the device has been off and on again,  whatever was in temp memory is probably long gone.  :(

It is worth checking with the online version of your notes by signing in at Evernote.com to see whether anything was saved,  but that's your only hope I'm afraid...

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