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When adding tags to a note, show me ALL my existing tags containing the word "cat" when I type that in.



As of now, Evernote on the Mac will only show me my tags that begin with the word "cat" when I type that in. It won’t show me the tags I've already created for "black cat" or "siamese cat", for example. (When adding tags to a note, not when searching.)

I am sure people will suggest that I make all tags follow this type of format: cat black, cat siamese, etc. I have run into problems with longer words and phrases, especially when tagging a note on my phone. Longer tags don't appear in their entirety, so sometimes you can't tell what specific tag you are adding, only that it's one of your "cat" tags, so to speak.

I think there must be some name for this kind of suggested-search behavior in computerese, but I have no idea what that is.


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