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Changing of the Size of he Interface font



Inside the Options area, there is an area which allows for the alteration of the standard setting for new notes, when they are created. However, there is no setting area to alter the Interface font or size.This surprises me, because every program i use, as this ability Some require editing an external data file, or CSS file. Some have the setting in the same are as the alterations to the default file settings for text files (Scriviener, Word, Eclipse, every browser has this option, OpenOffice, Libre, LangugageTool, NotePad++ Every IDE I have (10 or more).--- Every program I have has the option to adjust the font size used by the interface, for the menus, the listing of folders and files, The labels... 

I know this because I've had to adjust them all so I can read them, and be able to use the programs.  Everyone of them, except Evernote. Which, again, is a surprise.Unfortunately , since I can't read the menus or the listing of my folders on the sidebar, I'm going to have to wait for you to add this feature, before I can use the program again.


Hoping to hear from you soon.... 

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WIndows on a high resolution monitor is barely useable.  If I recall, Mac was the same (sorry I gave up on the mac version a while back so not sure if their were any new fixes).  iOS & Android are workable.  My 2 cents ...

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