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Mystery: Can't Delete or Leave a Shared Notebook

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2 years ago, a teacher shared a notebook with me and a dozen students. The teacher still works here; she is the owner. For some reason, I find I can neither delete or leave the notebook. I also can't delete myself as a member of the share. Is my only solution to ask the teacher to unshare the notebook with me? I seem to remember that I could leave other shared notebooks in the past... Any ideas? Mac Desktop App vs. 6.12 beta 2.



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51 minutes ago, bdeclee said:

For some reason, I find I can neither delete or leave the notebook.

What process are you using, and what results do you see

My process is to right-click on the notebook5995b4d1d755f_ScreenShot2017-08-17at08_20_54.png.a6543591422f359f0e10f508c119c50e.png
and select Delete Notebook

I get a confirmation box and select Remove

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Hmmn.  I'd suggest you File > Exit Evernote and restart your system.  Did you copy this notebook into your own account,  or is it still a 'live' share from another person...?

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Dim problem.  Did @DTLow's suggestion work out?  If not,  the quickest solution might be to ask that the owner deletes you from the shares.  You could have a word with Support if that's not feasible...


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