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Idea:location-specific task notifications



I'd like to be able to add a location to an item in a to-do list.  for instance, right now, I need to make a key for my daughter so she can get into our new house.  I have it in my to-do list and I forget.  It's not the type of thing I want to make a special trip to the home improvement store for, so it would be cool if the Evernote app could alert me when I go to Lowe's home improvement store that I am supposed to make a key.

Yes, I know, I can make a shopping list for various stores, and that's what I'm going to start doing.  But then I end up with bunches of lists.  Wouldn't it be cool to add a tickler alert to a to-do list that you are out of coffee and tag it with the supermarket you frequent so it reminds you once there?  You could even allow multiple location tags per list item or list.  So if there are three supermarkets that I frequent, I could tag the "Buy coffee" to-do item with all three of the stores that I am likely to visit during the week.

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I think that Evernote might need access not only to your location but to something like Google's map database to do this. It's one thing to tag a note with an address, but another (it seems to me) to associate that address text with a specific spot on earth.

Actually I wonder if, for this specific kind of thing, there wouldn't be some way of doing it in the Google-verse. Google knows way more about me than I want it to know; so far, it can't tell me when I'm low on milk, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could ask it to remind me to get milk when I'm near the supermarket.

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Google Keep does this - it's the one feature they have that made me look twice;  I think the only problem here is - should Evernote to open the bag of worms that is location-specific reminders and commit its resources to developing (another) version,  or would they be better off addressing all the other minor technical issues that affect most OS's,  and adding in other 'must have' features that various users have requested.  Difficult to see that adding geo will attract a significantly greater number of new users than anything else - especially given that Evernote is not your every-day to-do list. 

But more votes here may prove me wrong...  ;)

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