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EN on MacBook Pro Snow Leopard

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I am using my old MBP 10.6.8/Snow Leopard after someone stole my Windows 10 laptop. 

I see that the new EN version does not work with this OS. My RAM is updated to the max - 6 GB. Looked for an older version, I found 

and found a link to ver 5.5.2, and downloaded it. However, someone said something about security issues. 

Of course, I don't want any one else reading my notes. If I do get that version to work, is security really an issue with that version, and if so, how much more secure are newer versions? 

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Hi.  Try this one (not sure if the download link still works...)

Old app,  old OS - it's bound to be less secure than apps and upgrades that have been developed in the past 3 years.  Don't know if anyone can put a percentage on it - I wouldn't care to.  I think this comes under the 'not ideal,  but do you have another choice?'  level of security...

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