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Reinstall & Sync Question

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Evernote is installed on a Desktop, MacbookAir, iPad & Iphone.

How does the uninstall/reinstall get the notebook/notes back?  Importing from the backup I created or does it just sync with the Evernote Cloud?  What concerns are there with syncing with Evernote installed on the laptop?

--- On Mac i7, OS Sierra 10.12.6.

--- I've been having issues with speed getting the iOS Pinwheel when I'm marking, copying or just moving the cursor so I thought I'd try uninstalling & Reinstalling.

--- I have backed up all notes, Saved the activity log... now ready to do the uninstall/reinstall but have a question before I pull the trigger.


Thanks -Mark



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Hi @Mark410,

When you download Evernote on a Mac, your entire database of notes and notebooks are also downloaded to your file directory. Reinstalling Evernote does not reinstall the database, this remains intact. Only the application itself is being reinstalled. If all of your notes appear on Evernote Web at evernote.com, that means they are properly synced to our server. There is a way to rebuild the local database on your Mac, but if all you are wanting to do is reinstall the application, you won't need to worry about having to sync your notes back down from the server.

I hope that helps.

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2 hours ago, Mark410 said:

How does the uninstall/reinstall get the notebook/notes back?

Evernote takes care of "get the notebook/notes back" using the server data
The concern is with with local notebooks or unsync'd notes which are not on the server


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