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Why is it that everytime Evernote updates, they end up breaking a feature?

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I've noticed this happening several times in the past, but most of the time they have only been minor inconveniences, until the most recent update which somehow managed to break Ctrl + Shift + V (Paste and Match Style). This is now bigger than just a minor inconvenience. Before the update, it worked as it should, pasting text and formatting it to the style of the note. After the update, it now retains the original font, the original colours, the hyperlinks, and any text styles (bold, italic, etc.) that the text had in its source. The entire point of pasting and matching the style is to match the style of the note. As it is now, the only thing that differentiates Paste and Match Style from just the standard Ctrl + V is that it matches to the font size of the note. It would be great to have just one Evernote update that didn't unnecessarily ***** up a bunch of other features that were perfectly fine before. Just one, please.

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28 minutes ago, tavor said:

Please add your vote (up arrow next to thread title) and your voice here:


Thanks, I will do. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is irritated by this change.

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