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Request - Make entries by clicking day on calendar




This applies to all platforms.

I want to be able to make entries by clicking on a day on a calendar. Like making diary or journal entries. Go to the page for that day, and write. One reason is I want to be able to go back and write what I did on days that I did not write anything.


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Hi.  For reasons best known to its developers,  Evernote doesn't contain anything like a calendar,  which would seem to be a major problem right there.  Things like reminders and created / updated dates can be selected from a small calendar menu,  but I'm guessing you have something larger and a lot more up front in mind.  It would take a major -and expensive- redesign (I think) to move towards your ideal,  which might,  or might not benefit Evernote at all.  I'm not seeing much in the way of positives here...

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On 2017-08-15 at 11:42 PM, CosmicVoyager said:

I want to be able to make entries by clicking on a day on a calendar.

Which calendar would this be?

I generate a daily journal note each and every day.  59b3652a02e94_ScreenShot2017-09-08at20_49_50.png.18880006a5f7b8ba1c8155cadfc70622.png
An entry is added to the calendar app with a link to the note.

Even without the calendar, my journal notes are all prefixed with the date.  It’s easy to identify entries for a given date

You might look into scripting options.  Evernote/Mac has a scripting layer and there’s options for other platforms.


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