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(Archived) CHrome extension disaster

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SO i use evernote for ubiquitous capture and i use the chrome plugin, i just logged in to evernote to look at some of the articles that i had saved recently using the chrome plugin and none of them are there. actually let me correct that, some of them are there and others are not, it seems like its mainly pages that had video that are not being saved.

this is terrible for me, i am a premium customer and using evernote as my other brain so that i can never forget and now it seems that i can! worse is that there is no message from the plugin to tell me that something didnt work.

ive just replicated it by clipping a page from ted.com that i remembered saving but couldnt find and it has failed to clip again


http://www.ted.com/talks/rory_sutherlan ... stuff.html

this may mean that dozens of the things that i had saved have gone missing,

what happens now?

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I just tested this page from Chrome in three different ways:

1) I selected the part of the page I wanted first, then clipped. This created a note with the selection (and skipped the huge amount of junk on the page I didn't want...)

2) I didn't select anything on the page, clipped, and left "clip full page" unselected. This created a small note with the "source URL" of the page pointing to the original location as a bookmark.

3) I didn't select anything on the page, clipped, and selected "clip full page". This created a big note with everything on the page except for the video.

Evernote does not support clipping web videos into notes, because these aren't "files" in the same way that an image on the page is a file. This is a dynamic streaming player embedded in your web page, which streams video content from the remote video service.

If you're not seeing any notes created at all when you try one of those actions (1-3), then make sure you're clicking the "Save" button in our clipper window. If you just click away from the clipper without pressing "Save", the window will disappear, but no note will be created.

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Hi thanks for your reply, the clipper is working for me on some pages but not others, i am familiar with all three methods you mentioned and i can clip the page using a third party extension, i also had no problem before i updated the extension.

i do click save and have tried it several times but no dice with this page.

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