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How do I split up a doc for presentation mode??

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First I had to upgrade to premium to try to retrieve a note evernote lost upon upgrading to Plus. Yes that happened. No it's not in the cloud. 

Now I don't see any option to split up a document when in presentation mode. I see: 


'uneditible content'


How do I split up a doc for presentation mode??

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I don't want to watch a video with no verbal instructions , cutting to a shot of people's feet ...


can't you do any better than that???

And that says nothing about the message I'm getting 'note contains un-editable content.'

So there is not the option for splitiing up the presentation screen with the layout editor...
And no explanation as to why

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Hi.  Don't know of any help sites that give you a return-of-email response (other than a ticket number) to support requests.  It can take a few days for a real human response unless you can use the chat line (premium and business customers) - and you have to be in the right time zone for that.

Otherwise you get the mainly user-supported forums -like this one- where folks respond when they have the time to help out,  and if they can. 

It might help us to help you if you can give a little more detail about this issue.  What's the file that you want to split?  An MSOffice DOC/DOCX file?  No reason (AFAIK) why there should be uneditable portions of that,  but one file can't be manually 'paged' over more than one screen. 

Either the display will split arbitrarily where it wants,  or you can try to force that by including big sections of blank space to force the next paragraph onto a fresh page.  Or you could split the file (using its own editor software) into two or more smaller files and add them to separate notes,  then 'page' through the notes.

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