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Uninstalled with AppCleaner and reinstalled a few days later.

Evernote still having problems - most recently stalling after deleting some text - the Spinning Beachball that doesn't resolve, necessitating Force Quitting.


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Chiming in to say same issue here.  I use across platforms, but only crashing up Sync (at exit) on Macintosh.  Fully patched, non-beta Macintosh. I have stripped the Mac of evernote, reinstalled and immediately same issue.  Each time it crashes, it sends a bug report.






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I have been having this problem on my MacBook since Evernote 6.12 was introduced recently. I uninstalled, reinstalled, used Appcleaner, several times. I was so frustrated that I tried out several other note apps but couldn't find one that I liked as well as Evernote (when it's working.)

Now with the 6.12.1 update, Evernote appears to be working the way it's supposed to.

Thank you for the update, Evernote!!

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