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making someone else an owner

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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with this.
I have a basic account and I started some notebooks years ago to share with my colleagues. (a very small organization). I am now leaving this organization and would like to disconnect from those notebooks that are still used by my colleagues, but I am the owner of those notebooks. Can I delete them, or will they disappear for everyone? And how could I make someone else the owner, so they can kick me out of the notebooks? 

Many thanks!

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Hi.  Short answer is:  you can't.  You could create a new basic account.  A 'spare' email address will be required. 


  1. export these notebooks from your existing account to ENEX files (one per notebook - check to make sure tags will be copied too)
  2. import the notebooks to the new account and set up the same structure.  Re-share he notebooks to your colleagues.
  3. delete the orginals from your account and provide a trusted colleague with the log in details of the new account.

Variations -

  1. You could export your personal notebooks to a new account for yourself and leave your colleagues with the existing account and its shares
  2. A colleague could use the ENEX files to set up notebooks in his/ her own account to share with others

I'd recommend someone keeps hold of those ENEX files for a while just in case anything goes wrong... 

Let us know what you decide.  Good luck!  :)

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Thanks a lot for the clear reply! 
It's what I feared - I think a full transfer to a neutral and new account will be best - since the notebooks are linked to my private e-mail address at the moment. 
That's what you get for getting too involved with your work ;)


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