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I have been using Evernote first with my Kindle Fire HD and then with my Kindle Fire HD 8 with no problems. Tonday, for some reason, Evernote would not open up. I tried several things to get it to work and it would not. I then uninstalled it and reinstalled it. There it hung up, installing. After about an hour of installing, I then got an error message saying Evernote is incompatible with my device. What do I do now? How do I get it to work. More importantly, I have several notes in Evernote that I need. How do I access these? Then I tried Taskworld but could not get that to function. The eEvernote page had a link for Android users, but when I tried that  got an error saying the page no longer exists.

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6 minutes ago, surly said:

More importantly, I have several notes in Evernote that I need.

Evernote data can be accessed via the web platform (www.evernote.com)

The web site is not optimized for mobile devices, but I can use my iPad by requesting the desktop site

The best experience is using a Windows or Mac computer

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