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Create a more advanced Preferences Window



So I requested a feature where I wanted the ability to view the hierarchy of tags in the sidebar. Little did I know that this feature already existed--I needed to turn it on. I overlooked it as a menu option under View | Sidebar Options. To a certain extent the menu is not designed to explain the feature. It's there for easy access. I think Evernote could use an advanced preferences window where context and descriptions of features can be offered in addition to providing one place where everything that can be controlled is available to view and understand. 

An example of Jetbrain's software preferences windows. They create very feature-rich IDEs (integrated development environments) and their preferences windows offer everything in one place. I find that if I do not understand some of the actual menu buttons in the IDE or if I do not know where to find a specific option, the preferences window offers me _a bit more_ guidance and descriptive text. This could really be an opportunity for Evernote to better discuss the many features in Evernote.

And to be clear, I'm not suggesting Evernote needs more features like Jetbrains (which makes sense for their audience). Just a better way to review all user controllable options.



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