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Implement "Simplified Article" view in Evernote



One strange aspect of Evernote is that although it allows an amazing assortment of options for note taking, it does not offer many/any features to ease the reading process. Note taking goes hand in hand with reading, listening, viewing.

I will often use the "Simplified Article" option within the Evernote Chrome plugin. When I view the simplified article I LOVE IT. The article become a maximum width, the images are organized carefully with the article. It becomes easier to view and read. However there's a catch. It doesn't save the article in that format within Evernote. I understand that the point of the simplified feature is not about readability as opposed to removing parts of the page that may not relate to the article. However as a matter of user experience, it's confusing to _view_ the reader-friendly page in the browser but not see it in the application.

My suggestion: A readability option for all notes. A button that will duplicate what the "Simplified Article" button does in the browser plugin.

This is a problem that has been solved by others in the past and can be duplicated - https://mercury.postlight.com/reader/


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