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Evernote for Government



I believe Evernote can come up with a completely new product called Evernote for Government. For this to work, the government entity must be assured that the content contained in the Evernote ecosystem within the Evernote for Government clients have a high degree of information security and assurance (AKA, the highest level of FedRAMP compliance). A possible twist for the government version could be an availability of Evernote documents that simplify the codification of acquisition documents better known as the Federal Acquisition Register (FAR). We can call them "Cliff-Notes for acquisition purposes". These documents would have to be completed by subject matter experts in acquisition law. There are equivalent documents in other non-Federal governments, such as state and county governments that make use of monolithic acquisition documents similar to the FAR for acquisitions and other processes and codification that involve the use of budgetary funding mechanisms.

I know that there are several entities (both government and business) who are undergoing transitions from existing legacy business systems to SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with a software that is compatible with ERPs known as Open Text. These government and business clients are paying a great deal of money both to SAP for the main ERP system and to Open Text for digitizing optimized workflows which have been derived from the existing legacy system processes. The Win-Win that could be created for these government clients is that enough of the procedures and processes that are added into Evernote for Government could enable a client to solve their problems without having to undergo an ERP transformation project, which can be painful and laborious to the culture, and also has an effect on the amount available budget not only for the existing year, but several years out into the future.

This idea is a bold departure from the most likely prospects who would traditionally use Evernote for Business, but there is a great deal of text and domain knowledge that could be added to an Evernote system, such as Evernote for Government that could be leveraged by existing users, but more importantly the future users.

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Given the huge up-front investment required,  it's unlikely that Evernote would want to commit time and resources to such a speculative project - unless you happen to be the purchasing authority for a relevant department expressing a formal interest?

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