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GTD in new Evernote, filter tags in a notebook


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I use Evernote for my GTD, but with the latest updates this is getting pretty tough. In the new Evernote Web and in the Android application I can no longer see the notes in a specific notebook that have certain tag (s). Whenever I select any tags, Evernote returns to show ALL the notebooks, not the notebook I was in. And when I select a different notebook, it returns to show ALL the tags. I use several notebooks (+/- 10), each for a certain area / activity (tasks, holidays, personal, professional, college ...), and when I select a notebook (eg tasks), I want to see only What's in that notebook. Until version 4.6 of Evernote windows this was the default behavior, but that was changing. Today, in version 6.5 for windows, I still can to 'get around' the problem with control-clicks, but in the web and android version there is no way.

Is it that I am no longer able to do this, or has Evernote taken this feature? Without being able to make my GTD, Evernote loses all the 'magic' and I need to look for alternatives.



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7 hours ago, milton_priori said:

I use Evernote for my GTD, but with the latest updates this is getting pretty tough

You might consider use of shortcuts to saved searches.  This gives you a one-click consistent view of your data

For example, I have a shortcut Current Task List. I just have to click on it; no need to manually select tags or notebooks

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