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Virus found in EvernoteTray.exe

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Still no response from anybody at EN.

Hey, this is a serious issue with potentially harming thousands of users around the world.

Very disappointing. Nobody from EN looking into this and recommending a remedy?

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I installed this update, and received no antivirus notification. I use the stock Windows Defender, which seems to be pretty good these days. I'm guessing false positive, but it would be good to hear that from the Evernote folks.

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@Mark Barefoot @Wern Our security team has completed a thorough investigation and concluded that this is a false positive. We're reaching out the following anti-virus software companies to alert them of this:

  • Max Secure
  • Metadefender
  • HEAT AntiVirus
  • HitManPro

Please let us know if you're experiencing this with an anti virus app that's not listed above. Please know that all of our products our scanned using our internal anti-virus software prior to release. Let us know if you have any additional concerns or questions. 


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Hi Austin,

thanks for the info.

I can confirm this as I was able to check with Kaspersky and they came to the same conclusion.

False positive !!





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