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Evernote Code Inline and Type Change

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Hi, I'm writing a lot about code on Evernote, and I constantly need to write block code, evernote provides a simple click for that, but sometimes I need a inline code block inside a paragraph, is there any way to do this?


Also I would like to know If there's any way to change the code block font to a better one like fira code? 

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Hi.  Sorry,  no workarounds or options that I'm aware of.  The more serious coders amongst us seem to use a specific editor for the code format and copy/ paste into Evernote which 'should' preserve the formatting.  If another editor will allow you to mix code and text and vary the typefaces of each,  you may be able to copy/ paste from there...?

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That sucks, changing the font and font-size on block code should be supported, and the inline code too, I mean markdown can do it, hope is added on a future release, thank you sir for your anwser. 

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