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BUG: pdf Import from OneNote Missing



Hello.  There is a bug during import of OneNote notebooks featuring notes with PDF attachments.  The screenshots here tell the story.  In OneNote when you insert a PDF it includes not just the PDF file itself (which can be re-extracted) but also an inline rendered version.  This is an incredibly useful way to organize PDFs, since you get the best of both worlds.  You can see a preview inline, and know that if you ever need to get the original PDF back out again in the future it's right there.

I'm hedging my bets on OneNote by making sure I can get back to Evernote some day if I ever need or want to, and today Evernote will not retain the embedded PDF.  It only retains the inline rendered version.

Without Evernote's ability to keep the original .PDF available converting back will be painful or impossible.  I have hundreds and hundreds of PDFs embedded this way so manually extracting them before converting back to Evernote is not viable.

Please find a way to preserve PDF files during OneNote import.

This issue has also been discussed on this forum thread.  Everynote Skipping Some of the Attachment in Onenote During Import



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Hi.  I'll happily add a vote to improve the import feature here,  but as a OneNote user you might like to ask them to improve the export options too.  I don't see this as a high priority for Evernote - they're busy tending to their own software and developing new features,  while OneNote are doing something similar.  Evernote staff have to work out how OneNote is now structuring it's database file and stay on top of future changes (which an unhelpful competitor might take some pains to make as difficult to decompile as possible) so they can write a conversion routine from a multiple 'notebook' layout into their native,  flatter,  format.

It doesn't sound like something in which you'd want to tie up too many resources in case there is no happy ending - even if there's a chance in future you'd be making it easier for former users to come back.

My really cynical side also says that having incompatible systems is good for both parties - more of an incentive for users to stay on both sides!

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