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I'm testing Evernote as a tool for collecting receipts for expense reports. On the collection side it work's great, but I'm having problems on the submission side finding a way to export the multiple receipts (usually 20-40) into a single document, or even multiple documents. I've been testing both PDF and JPG scanning and PDF seems to give me a shot at it in that I can export every document as a PDF, then use Mac Preview to combine them. Is there an easier way?

My main problem with JPG is that if I try to print them to PDF to mail, they generally don't resize and end up splitting a receipt into multiple pages which makes it unreadable.

Thoughts and ideas welcome.


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If you have a set of receipts that you want to combine into a single document, then I think that scanning into a single PDF is your best bet. JPEG images will give you less flexibility. The only advantage to JPEG files is that you can search for text in JPEG with a Free account. We only do OCR on PDF documents for Premium accounts. (And only for scans of up to 100 pages.)

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The problem is that I collect my receipts throughout the month, and don't really want to devote a day to scanning them in ... too good a chance that I'll lose one. Right now my workflow is to scan in each receipt as I get it so I've got an electronic copy. When I was using iPhoto to collect them, I could just select them all and do a new print to pdf. With evernote though, it doesn't seem to handle multiple notes well.

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