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(Archived) Is the "unassigned tags"-feature coming to mac?



This feature really gave the tags a whole new dimension and for users using multiple notebooks and heavy tagging this was a feature which made my everyday work so much easier. Is this feature planned for the mac version in the near future perhaps?


[edit] I just remembered that it was mentioned that this feature was coming to both Mac and Windows versions in the following thread. Hope that the plan still stands!

[edit-2]As stated, the title was incorrect and is now fixed.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "unassigned tasks". Did you mean "tags"?

We added a UI option to hide unassigned tags (i.e. tags that aren't assigned to any of the notes in the current view) on Windows recently, and we plan to add this as an option in the Mac client, too.

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Of course, you're correct. I was reading up on articles on GTD using Evernote just before I wrote the post so I guess my mind had not left the GTD-domain just yet! :D

Thanks for the confirmation on the feature coming to Mac, I love it in the Windows-version and do think that you made a wonderful implementation of it. Clean and simple just as it should be.

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